Art Nouveau house
in the centre of Prague consisting of 16 exquisitely decorated flats in 6 unique design concepts. Choose yours!

#2 Art Nouveau house
in the centre of Prague consisting of 16 flats in 6 different styles.


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Enjoy the independence of artsy and self check-in apartments at an eccentric hotel in the beating heart of Prague. Choose from 16 differently designed flats inspired by nature, local culture and history that will make you believe that the world is essentially a good place. Find out what the unique space around you can do – and what you can do in it too!


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The Emerald is also suitable for photo shoots, filming and TV and for various exhibitions, events and other original experiences.

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Our story

Looking for a place to spend the night? This is not it. The Emerald offers so much more. It invites you to the worlds that provoke your imagination and boost your creativity. 13 flats in 5 different styles want you to reflect on your own story and to add a new fantastic chapter to it. Experience accommodation in the center of Prague you will long remember and which will make you remember what you really desire and who you are.

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Built in 1905, the Emerald is an Art Nouveau house owned by a Jewish family who lost the building during the Second World War. It was returned later in the same century, but only recently it was renovated into a hotel. Its individual floors and flats were restored in cooperation with talented Czech designers, artists and painters who lifted them to completely new dimension. However, you can still feel the original spirit and character of the hotel and admire its beautiful stucco ceilings, relief doors, wooden parquet or wall patina that changes color in every room.

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The Emerald is located only steps away from the Old Town Square with the legendary Orloj clock, hidden in a little street next door to the famous Jewish cemetery and the Jewish quarter. A few minutes’ walk takes you to all the famous sites in Prague’s Old Town including The Charles Bridge. The metro station and tram stops are nearby.

6 Floors
6 Unique Design Concepts

Emerald is known as an exclusive Art Noveau building with 6 unique design concepts in 16 exquisitely decorated apartments, where top design and fashion magazines and film producers are eager to shoot their stories.