Imagine for a moment that you live somewhere else. Choose your dream apartment in a breathtaking design, do your check-in online and pick up the key from the box at the entrance. It's all yours now!


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The flats on this floor will tease your imagination. They will make you believe that everything is possible if you listen to your most inner wishes and thoughts. The vintage furniture and original wallpapers create the perfect atmosphere for romantic dreaming. Here, you can make it come true.
Inspired by Japanese Haiku artist Matsuo Bashō and the Japanese word for “place”. It’s a place where nature rules and you will feel calm yet intellectually stimulated by it. A place where things are exactly what they are but experiencing them can change how you feel about them.
Invites you to spend time surrounded by art and design in an informal, relaxed and inspiring setting. It’s a space where every time you look around a new feeling is born, a new connection arises.
Draws inspiration from things that are “timeless” and grounded in the very fabric of the Universe. The design tells the story of the house, to create different snapshots of time, and the journey it inspires.
Influenced by the belief that pleasure is the highest good, the design should remind you of a place where poets and artist spent time with their muses, where every detail awakens imagination and time is not important.
One level higher to the sky again. The sixth floor Cartesius thinks, therefore it is. And you can be here too. Be different. Let yourself be illuminated by a seeping light that will surprise you where you least expect it. Every beam offers reflection, every cozy corner is a place where the most daring plans can be threaded. Paint your visions light blue and go after them.

Client Comments

I simply love the design of the rooms, the location and that uniqueness of The Emerald. Hotels or other accommodations are rather boring compared to it. Beyond sleeping somewhere in old town Prague, I would say that it's a true experience, a treat made to yourself.

Jonathan J.

Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Our new favorite place in Prague!

Katarína K.

I had a lovely stay.The prominent position of the hotel, which is right in the heart of Old Town. Tasteful decor of apartment, very comfortable bed and helpful staff. Thoroughly enjoyed and definitely will be back.


Oh the Emerald! One can not find a better location to stay in Prague. Being located just a few steps from the Old Town square and Charles Bridge, Emerald gives you a truly unique experience in Prague. My friends visited me a couple of weeks ago and I was ready to move in with them when I saw the apartments :) As a design lover, I must admit the accommodation is quite impressive & welcoming! There are so many little details that please the eye once you catch them.

Shirin R.